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6 Important Requirements to Attach Your Personal Car to Uber

With the entire world going gaga over Uber (cab service), it came as no surprise that its craze reached to South Australia in no time. In recent times, Uber cars have flooded the streets of cities like Adelaide. Not just the passengers, the drivers and car owners are too swearing by this cab service.

Many car owners are attaching their personal cars to this cab service and there are some very legit and lucrative reasons.

Why should you attach your car to Uber?

  1. Market reach of Uber is very wide. In 2015, it boasted more than 1 million registered users in Australia.
  2. If you have an extra car that no one really use, then why not really?
  3. You still get be the owner of your car.
  4. The pay is quite high.
  5. As your part time job to make quick bucks (appealing particularly to the students)

mobile windshield repair

Two ways to attach your car to Uber

  1. Hire or rent a driver
  2. Drive yourself

While in the first option, you pay a monthly salary to the hired driver and share a portion of liability, in the second option, you’re alone and handle whole risk and reward by yourself. In either of the option, return is more than sufficient.

6 requirements to qualify your car   

While as lucrative as it is to get in the bandwagon of Uber-craze, it isn’t all that easy. There are few qualifying criterions that cars (and drivers) need to meet before getting label under this cab service. Here are 6 important car requirements-

  1. Less than 8 years old– While Uber accepts any car less than 10 years old, 8 years and less are much more likely to get qualified.
  2. Comfortable, cushiony, spacious seats– Who likes in sit in congested, rock hard seats? So ensure the car is spacious and have cushiony seats for comfortable sitting.
  3. Not too many accident records– A car with loads of accident and insurance claim records is a no-no for Uber. So have you been recklessly driving your car around lately, say goodbye to attaching it to this cab service.
  4. Every internal feature working– Even the small features in the car must be in working condition. The stereo, AC, auto recliners and more should perform their task smoothly.
  5. Have all the necessary paperwork– This is of course necessary. Your car must have all the necessary paperwork; the registration papers, insurance claims and more.
  6. No chips and cracks on the auto glass– If you haven’t dialed auto glass services providers in recent time, you need to do that immediately. May be there’s a chip on your windshield or window regulator is damaged, these will disqualify your car for Uber service.

Even if your car is in poor state, you can get it repaired rather easily. Money spent on repair can easily be recouped within the first month under this cab service provider. Besides, there are many professionals in the South Australia area who offer amazing seat and mobile windshield repair services at a very affordable price range.