Did you know the windshield of your automobile is a safety device, like air bags and safety belts? Your car’s windshield can help save your life, and the lives of your passengers, by ensuring you are not thrown from the vehicle in a collision.

Windshields  play a critical role in front passenger airbag deployment on many cars. And, the windshield (and rear window) helps support the roof of the vehicle in a rollover so you and your passengers will not be crushed.
Some windshield damage may not be noticed immediately. This is why its imperative to regularly check your windshield, and all of the vehicle’s glass, for any problems.
Our certified technicians at Diamonds Auto Glass recommends using these simple steps to inspect your car:

  • 1. Check the entire windshield, inside and out, for chips and cracks. Minor chips and very small cracks may be repairable, provided they are outside the driver’s primary line of sight. Any significant cracks or damage will require windshield replacement.
  • 2. Check around the edge of the glass for damage to the surrounding body work. Any problems that affect the seal of the glass to the body can weaken structural integrity and should be repaired.
  • 3. Check the windshield wipers to make sure the rubber blades are soft and pliable. Hard, brittle or damaged blades can break and allow the metal wiper arm to scratch the glass.